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It was hard for me after my husband died and Amayra had a hole in her heart. I thought everything was over and I could not carry on with life

When Amayra was 4-months old, she was diagnosed with congenital heart disease. We had no idea about the disease but we noticed changes in Amayra’s body. Her fingernails, lips and tongue would turn bluish-black. At times Amayra would collapse whenever she cried due to lack of oxygen and she was often kept at the children’s emergency ward at CWM Hospital. When Amayra was 8-months old, my husband Ronilesh passed away from a heart attack. He was only 35. It was hard for me after my husband died and Amayra had a hole in her heart. I thought everything was over and I could not carry on with life. Losing my husband is still a shock but I cannot afford to lose my daughter. I was very scared and worried. There seemed no hope. Hospitals in Australia and New Zealand told us that they would have the facilities but they could not guarantee her life being saved. We then came into contact with Sai Sanjeevani Children’s Heart Screening Centre and Dr Maryanne who helped diagnose Amayra and arranged for the surgery to be done in Sanjeevani India. We departed for India and we were informed about the risks of this journey. I was praying with all my heart. Actually, during the flight, Amayra had a Tet spell – she turned uncontrollably blue and stopped breathing or moving. With theassistance of the doctor accompanying us, she got saved. It’s only the Grace of God we touched down in India. We were able to receive surgery for Amayra at Sanjeevani India. She needed three surgeries. The first surgery was successful as the doctors fitted an artificial tube for oxygen and blood to circulate properly and the other two stages will take place in a few years. Thinking about all that happened to us, look at her today, she is pink, she is happy. We have nothing but gratitude for the entire Sanjeevani family. There is nothing I can do to repayfor the life we have all been gifted. She is walking, standing, smiling and is healthy. We received this and we don’t need anything more. Amayra belongs to Sanjeevani as much as to our family. The Sanjeevani Hospital is truly all about love, Divine Love!

Beverly Prasad